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The Powers of Women - By 'Possum 

Again I AM a 'possum, I'm NOT one of you "humans" - or as we 'possums (And lots of other animals, too) refer to you - "skin creatures" That's a little "animal secret" I'll key you in on since I'm blogging. (You humans are always saying "I wonder what they're thinking...I wonder what they're thinking...")

In the 'possum world, women are viewed as superior. In the ANIMAL world, the women, or female of the species is superior. Without exception. No questions asked.

It's also true with you humans.

Here's what's going on. Here's a BIG secret that we 'possums (and all other animals know) that you humans don't. I hope you're sitting down.

Women ARE superior, because my fine friends, they ARE in total CONTROL of the Earth at all times.

At all times.

"But it SEEMS like if you get right down to it, we MEN seem to be sort of...you know..running the show..you can't deny THAT can you Mr. Possum?" I hear you say.

No matter what men know of technology, no matter what we know of building and fixing things and "running companies" no matter the wars men rage against each other, those so-called "talents" are minuscule compared to the ability and talent and POWER that ALL women possess.

They possess something a man can't ever posses or tame - women have an "insight" if you will into things around them that we can't even comprehend. It's like a super-power.

How the female will always have an edge over any male: (Are you sitting down?)

They "READ" us better than we know ourselves.

It's that simple really. Women read us men. They "read" us like you wouldn't believe.

What I mean by "reading" is that women know certain aspects of the human psyche that they can see but men aren't capable of seeing. Women "feel" what's going on with a guy.

How Mr. 'Possum?

Women have this natural gift because in the grand scheme of things they are "programmed" to find not just a "great fuck" (How many men choose their partners) - but women are programmed to seek out a mate (and father of their children) who is WORTHY who is TRUSTWORTHY and who is INTELLIGENT and KIND and SWEET.

Men, on the other hand, choose other qualities just as important to them, but different. Men more often than not choose a woman who is pretty, who is VISUALLY appealing, who is kind, but more importantly, one who makes them FEEL GOOD. HUGE fucking egos men have - so huge most all of them don't even THINK they have an "ego".

There's a reason for this, don't worry - there's a plan - there's nothing wrong with it. Yin & Yang. Let it be.

What it means is that in order for women to be able to JUDGE who is a good partner - THEY HAVE TO KNOW MORE THAN THOSE THEY JUDGE. Stop and read that again my fine human friend.

I'll explain. For example, for an AKC dog judge to choose the Best in Show dog, that judge has to be intimately familiar with EVERY breed of dog, what is DESIRABLE in every single breed in front of him, and what is a "flaw" in every single breed. That's similar to what women do when "picking" their own "Best in Show" male partner, but they're judging CHARACTER, sure physical is important - but nowhere near as important as for a male choosing a female. Most of what a woman is choosing and "judging" is 90% INSIDE a man - in his head and in his heart. That's not something you can simply see, so therefore women have developed through evolution certain tools to help them. These "tools" are the powers men shall not have. Do not have. And cannot understand.

But these powers women possess do NOTHING against other women. Useless. Women, when they're together with each other, have these powers and even try to "use" these powers of insight and intuition "against" each other - but it won't work. This is because in nature that power is so great that if a woman COULD use these powers against each other - their competitive nature is also SO intense that they'd literally wipe each other off the face of the Earth. (This is also part of the reason women often have rocky or rotten relationships with their own mothers but not their fathers - but that's a story for another time.)

The powers of insight and intuition are so strong in a woman that she can even use it to change the behavior of a man - an "undesirable" behavior can be "modified", a way he thinks about a particular thing, if she doesn't approve - can even be "changed". This is because she is usually one step ahead of her man and can take measures to stop something before it happens.

And not only does she have the powers we've been speaking of to help "control" the man's world, but she, well, this may sound crude - but it's true- she has the pussy. There's a t-shirt that I saw on a human once - "I own the pussy so I make the rules". Men have a very very difficult time when sex is used as a weapon - men lose. Therefore if a woman can't change a behavior through her mental talents - she has a backup weapon available which is very powerful.

Am I dare saying women are maniputive and evil and conniving? Not at ALL. Sure there are women who abuse their womanly powers, but it's far from the majority. (Mens' powers are totally different and also a whole 'nother story) When men abuse THEIR powers, destruction and death occur on a more physical level, but when women abuse their "powers" there is hurt and pain and anguish. Guaranteed.

Therefore women are running things - all over the world.

I know this is deep, and I apologize if I'm not explaining it correctly. It's probably the first time an animal has tried to explain any "secrets of nature" to any humans.

By the way - here's another "animal secret" I'll share with you. We animals know things about cycles and how the world - NATURE - acts - we understand it like you never, ever will. Get this: The cell phones, the pocket computers, Blackberries..the pagers...the "carry" technology everyone carries? Over - it will backfire. What will happen is that in a mere few years it will be considered "uncool" to carry these gadgets. People will simply STOP carrying them. Watch and see. Animals like me don't have any magical abilities to "see into the future" - what we do have is the ability to be ultra-sensitive to "patterns" and "cycles" in nature and in other animals.


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