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Somber as we near Jebbah Flossum Day... 

Here it is ALMOST Jebbah Flossum Day - February 6th. (If you don't know what the biggest 'Possum holiday in North America is - read the previous post)

As Jebbah Flossum Day approaches - a time where we celebrate the anniversary of a 'Possum actually killing some humans - it is also time for reflection.

Since my announcement in this blog about Jebbah Flossum Day alone, here are the grim statistics:

Ann Forbson - Ann's body was found near I-95 near the 7-11 dumpster exit. Seems to have been a Ford that got her. I'd seen Ann here and there on I-95 - and she was always cordial and kind.

Jacob Robertson - Jacob was an old school chum of mine and he once let me screw his girlfriend one night when he was drunk. Jacob was loved by all but his body was found in a very poor state on I-95 - my guess on this one - a later model Saab.

Richard Culose - I never met the guy but he had TWO wives and 18 children total. This may have been a suicide. He was hit by what looks like a 2000 VW New Beetle - possibly the Turbo edition.

2 Unidentified 'Possums - how can this happen you ask? Because we 'Possums travel far and wide at night - these two bodies are unidentified because they were probably traveling 'Possums from another county or maybe even another state.

That's FIVE of us dead - no...scuse me - MURDERED - since my last post alone.

So we take Jebbah Flossum Day seriously around here. It is customary for the younger 'Possums these days to make the "SF" hand signs (or "gang signs" they call 'em) to celebrate Jebbah Flossum Day.

Many these days have also started putting up small signs that read "WWJFD?" (What Would Jebbah Flossum Do?)

More later....


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